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We use cookies on the website to collect statistics that we use to improve and to detect issues with the site. Here you will find an explanation of what information we collect and how we do it.


We collect anonymous information about visitors to the site for analysis. By anonymised information, we mean information that cannot be traced back to a user or a person. The purpose of this is to collect statistics that can be used to further develop and improve the website. Examples of this type of data include: number of people that visits the page, how long the visit lasts, where the users come from and which browsers are used.

We also collect keywords used through the search engines on the website. This is to improve the search hits and customer experience, and it does not collect info that can be traced back to the user.

This is done using cookies.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you download a website. These can be used to enhance your user experience and remember who you are, so you can stay logged in. The purpose of the cookies we use on this website is to provide the website with basic functionality such as session management, analysis, personalization and marketing.
We use analysis tools from two parties, Google and Faceboook.


Data is collected through third-party cookies from Google Analytics and AdWords. Google records your IP address to link activities together in one session, making it easier to understand usage patterns. The IP address is anonymised, so we do not have the opportunity to associate the activities with a specific person. We use these statistics to provide more interesting content on the website and to continually improve. AdWords collects data so we can target ads to those who have visited our site. We cannot trace the data to individuals.

Google Privacy Policy:


Data is collected via third-party cookies from Facebook. Facebook collects data so that we can target ads in Facebook to those who have visited our page. We cannot trace the data to individuals.

Facebook Privacy Policy: